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With roots in experience, and eyes on the horizon Holistic SEO was born from a simple yet powerful idea: to blend extensive global expertise in SEO with a passion for nurturing local service-based businesses. Chris McKane, our founder and a seasoned strategist from Araneum Consultants, envisioned a service that goes beyond traditional SEO. Going beyond just keywords and rankings; it's about understanding the heartbeat of your business and aligning it with the digital world.

Holistic SEO exists to provide small businesses with a high standard of search engine optimisation at an affordable price. Creating a more accessible SEO service model enables small businesses to work at a budget and pace that suits them. What makes this so exciting for us is that small businesses feel the impact of SEO in a meaningful way. While enterprise or larger companies simply absorb the results into quarterly stakeholder reports, smaller businesses are able to really benefit and blossom. This gives smaller marketing teams or even an individual a chance to shine as quality SEO can really boost most digital marketing efforts.

Chris McKane - SEO Consultant and SEO Freelancer

The Man Behind the Plan: Chris McKane

Through diverse careers Chris has gained many skills across various industries. One skill that stood out as an SEO consultant is asking the right questions to get the right answers while getting to know a client's business and its needs.

Chris isn't just an SEO expert, he's a storyteller, a problem-solver, and a trusted guide, in the often complex, world of digital marketing. His journey with Araneum Consultants, managing diverse projects, laid the foundation for a more intimate and localised approach with Holistic SEO. Here, Chris brings his wealth of knowledge, flair for innovative strategies, and most importantly, his genuine care for each client's story and success through comprehensive local SEO.

Simple SEO Philosophy: A Symphony of Strategy

We believe in a customised SEO strategy, beginning with a deep understanding of your business and your business website. Our approach is methodical yet flexible, prioritising your business goals and aligning them with effective SEO practices. We focus on accurately translating your business to search engines for better indexation and user targeting, ensuring your services reach the right audience and provide what they are looking for.

Our Mission and Vision

We believe in optimising and streamlining, not shortcuts. Using white-hat SEO tactics, expertise and experience provides a strong long-lasting effect on our client’s websites, which is better for users, search engines and of course our client’s bottom line.


We believe in optimising and streamlining, not shortcuts. Using white-hat SEO tactics our expertise and experience provides a strong long-lasting effect for our client’s websites, which is better for users, search engines and of course our client’s bottom line.


As SEO has several layers of abstraction our values of honesty and integrity holds us to a high standard and guides us in providing the best service for our clients. Even in the small details that most ignore as they chase quick wins, we make sure you it's done right.


Leveraging quality research and data-driven decisions over trends, we strategically create and execute effcient, effective campaigns. Clean foundation, tight structure, clearly convey the business to search engines and optimise for the end user.

SEO Consultant and Strategist

The search engine algorithms are ever-changing, and so are we. Our vision is to provide a steady guiding hand for our clients through the evolution of search by constantly adapting, learning, and leading the way in ethical, effective SEO practices. We're not just optimising websites; we're building legacies, strengthening community ties, and creating a brighter useful digital future for local businesses and helping our communities find the services they need.

We Are the Local SEO Service for Small Business

Our strategies aim to optimise all aspects of our work independently and interdependently. This streamlining is better for the users, by providing precise information for accurate indexation, more relevant intentful traffic, faster website, better UX while lower carbon emissions in the process.

This means win-win, for business, users, search engines and climate crisis efforts.

We believe integrity (i.e. doing the right thing whether others notice or not) plays a vital role to our long-term goal. When it boils down to it, we are all human, our clients offer a service to people who need or want that service, all that’s need is an genuine connection.

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